YOCOYou Only Cute Online
YOCOYou Only Care Once
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(Aust.) -wild White 1928; (generic) pineapple, zamia common fern, zamia palm knowledge Table 2: Table of Aboriginal names for Bowenia, Lepidozamia and Macrozamia plants and components in Australia identified by the author Species name Place Language group (underlined), Aboriginal name (for plant component) * Bowenia serrulata Qld Not located Bowenia spectabilis Qld Chiroo (1, 2) Gunyoo (3) Kungganji, Yidin, Djabugay Jayur (1,2,4) Giyoor (?Jayur) (5) Moo-nah (root or yam) (3,6) Ngadjonii Yawala (plant, seeds) (7) Kokoyimidir Jul-bin Lepidozamia hopei Qld Mullinburra Binggera Arumba (?Ngarumba) (2,3) N adjonii luubari (7) Yoco, Tooambi (edible nut) (5) Yidin, Djabugay Wunu (4,8) Lepidozamia Qld/ Kinney-buck (9) peroffskyana NSW Macrozamia spiralis Qld Gnunti (plant) (10) (possibly M.
The first, Paullinia yoco, is native to southwestern Colombia.
Caffeine is present, often in greater quantities, in other stimulating drinks, such as tea, an infusion of the leaves of Camellia sinensis (1-4.5%); mate, made from the leaves of Ilex paraguayensis (0.5-1.5%); cola drinks, zmade from the fruits of Cola nitida (2.5-3.5%); guarana and yoco, made from the fruits of the Amazonian Paullinia cupana (2.5-5%) and P.