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YOLDYear of Our Lady of Discord (Discordian calendar)
YOLDYour Own Linux Distribution (est. 2006)
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In addition, hydroxylated PBDEs (OH-PBDEs), which are metabolically biotransformed from PBDEs or of natural origin, were also found in the blood serum of children 11-15 yold residing in Nicaragua (Athanasiadou et al.
(47.) On the Kamisar, LaFave & Israel Modern Criminal Procedure casebook, I am viewed by my colleagues as the token Gentile, who occasionally can make a unique contribution, as when I once pointed out to them a place in the galley proofs where they had mistakenly referred to the Chief Justice as "Berger" rather than "Burger." Yet I know what a schlemiel is (though I have never been able to figure out the other words which my two collaborators have directed toward me over the years, including but not limited to: chazzer, chutzpenik, ganek, k'vatsh, oysvurf, pustunpasnik, putz, schlepp, schmuck, schlump, shvister, szhlok, traifnyak, yatebedam, yold, and zhulik).
Detailed reproductive and hormonal variables, including age at menarche (<12 yold, 12-13 y old, [greater than or equal to] 14 y old, missing), parity (0, 1, 2, 3, [greater than or equal to] 4, missing), age at first birth (none, <20 y old, 20-29 y old, [greater than or equal to] 30 y old, missing), ever oral contraceptive use (yes, no, missing), ever postmenopausal hormone use (yes, no, missing), and postmenopausal status (yes, no, missing) were also included in models for sensitivity analysis of female reproductive cancers.