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YONFuel Oil Barge (Non Self-Propelled)
YONYarn Over Needle
YONYard Oiler Navy (fuel barge; US Navy)
YONDistrict Barge, Fuel Oil (US Navy)
YONYouth Opportunities Network, Inc. (California)
YONYouth Orchestra of the Netherlands (national orchestra)
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We will bring her to the provincial police station to be questioned about the murder,' Yon said.
Es ist den Herausgebem gelungen, fur diesen interdisziplinaren Band sowohl Beitrage yon namhaften Experten der Gedachtnisforschung zu gewinnen (Aleida Assmann, Anne Fuchs) als auch Wissenschaftler zu Wort zu bitten, die einflussreiche Anstosse zur Erforschung des Heimatbegriffs geliefert haben (Peter Blickle, Elizabeth Boa, Gisela Ecker).
Won Tong Yon will be attending the forum as a member of the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee rather than as deputy director of his department.
Gil Yon condemned the acts of terrorism, Syria is exposed to, funded by the western countries.
Besides discussing changes in the Mennonite Church and her family connection to them, Stambaugh portrays a different Lancaster County countryside and culture in Yon Far Country.
Commissioner yon Scheben noted that the downturn in the economy increased the importance of these projects hitting the streets quickly and thus creating jobs.
Probat- Werke yon Gimborn Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Reeser Str.
Yon, who is a Special Forces vet, who posts regular dispatches from the front at michaelyon-online.
Veterinarian and reproductive physiologist Dr Lisa Yon, a lecturer in zoo and wildlife medicine, now spends half her working week at the university and the other half at Twycross.
By Michael Yon (Independent journalist/photographer)
The report is from Michael Yon, a Special Forces soldier who returned to Iraq to report on the successes there, inspired, he told radio talk-show host Hugh Hewitt, by a "news cycle that seems to pander toward the terrorists.
Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much.