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YOOPERNative of the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan
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As those folks mixed and mingled and their languages came into repeated contact with English, a new variety slowly took shape--what we today recognize as "Yooper talk," or U.P.
The stereotype of the Yooper as independent and fiercely proud has deep historical roots growing out of class, ethnic, and language differences in the Upper Peninsula.
Remlinger, professor of English at Grand Valley State University, was inspired to investigate the "Yooper" dialect while living in the Copper Country and attending Michigan Technological University.
For example, Yoopers might say "let's go mall" or "I'm going post office." That feature is a direct result of language transfer from the Finnish language, since Finnish does not use "to" as a separate preposition before a noun like English does.
First, citizens of the Upper Peninsula are known as "Yoopers," a transliterative by-product of "U.P.," as this underpopulated and fearsomely bleak stretch of land is known.
The novelty is these Yoopers, who are a special breed of people you haven't seen in movies before."
Merriam-Webster defines Yooper in a simple fashion, as "a native or resident of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan--used as a nickname," noting that the word originated with the abbreviation for the Upper Peninsula and that its first usage occurred in 1977.
from his maps is reflective of his views of us Yoopers?"
residents: Yoopers. An idiosyncratic name for an idiosyncratic place.
"Yoopers" have made multiple attempts to secede from Michigan
Those who call the UP home (nicknamed "Yoopers") are spoiled with fresh water, fresh air, wilderness, wildlife and space.
To read these strange signs and decipher the trail they lead down, Service must enlist the help of a wild cast of friends, colleagues and informers, many native Yoopers with ways and logic all their own.