YOSYosemite (Amtrak station code; Yosemite, CA)
YOSYears Of Service
YOSOil Storage Barge (Non Self-Propelled)
YOSYour Operating System
YOSYour Obedient Servant (closing salutation chiefly 18th century British)
YOSYahoo Online Status (Yahoo Messenger)
YOSDistrict Barge, Oil Storage (US Navy)
YOSYttrium Ortho-Silicate
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For military matters in a narrow sense, note for instance a letter from Uruk, YOS 21,8, which shows that seventy Akkadian arrowheads were worth one shekel of silver and that for the same amount one could buy one-hundred Cimmerian arrowheads or eight [.
Dame Glenys Stacey, chief inspector of probation, said: "The Cardiff YOS was staffed by an experienced and committed staff group and supported by some effective partnership working.
Mr White said: "I told him I was a manager in YOS and that I knew there was no such back to work programme being run by the Service.
CONGRATULATIONS: From left, YOS manager Richard Smith, Sue Lamb, chairman of Huddersfield Youth Magistrates Panel, Frances Done, Alan Gibson, chairman of Batley and Dewsbury Youth Magistrates' Panel and Linda Carruthers, acting deputy Justices' Clerk
On completing the sabbatical, Susan has introduced a number of links between Tonypandy Community College and the RCT YOS, in order to help students avoid the traps that can lead to criminal behaviour.
In fact," the report continued, "the YOS population represents the most serious criminal justice population: young, violent offenders with a long history of illegal behavior beginning at a young age.
YOS grew out of what was known in Denver as the "summer of violence.
Coupled with a reduction in funding of 23% from the Youth Justice Board, this meant that the YOS had to review all services and prioritise those delivered directly to children and young people.
YOS 13 20 Kis As 1 PN father YOS 13 207 KiS As 3 PN mother YOS 13 219 KiS sd 2 PN master YOS 13 293 Sippar Ad 2 PN father YOS 13 361 unkn.
The number of young people actually committing offences has also reduced by 40 per cent in the last two years, and the YOS says it has also seen a reduction in the number of young people entering the youth justice system for the first time.
Pam Vedhara, YOS manager, said: "What's nice about this project is that the residents have been able to see the work happening.