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YOURSYouth Organizing Urban Revitalization Systems (Baltimore, MD)
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I wanted to study and to succeed in school, but Lamp-Wick said to me, `Why do you want to waste your time studying?
I beg your pardon, my friend, but why then are you wearing that cotton bag over your ears?
The admiral desires me to remind you that he is your oldest friend living, and that his house is at your wife's disposal, as it has always been at yours.
The eldest daughter of my uncle and yours -- Andrew Vanstone.
It was now perfectly dark, not a single star was there to direct my steps, and I know not what might have befallen me had I not at length discerned thro' the solemn Gloom that surrounded me a distant light, which as I approached it, I discovered to be the chearfull Blaze of your fire.
Give me a baker's dozen of minutes with it and it shall pleasure me to crack that pate of yours for your sauciness
Stay," said Robin, "methinks my cudgel is half a foot longer than yours.
and all my life is enchained to yours, and all my heart is yours forever.
There is no doubt that, but for your promptness, things might have gone much worse.
Yours ever and only; yours with the stainless passion that burns on the altar of the heart; yours, yours, yours--E.
I have taken a quart of a million of your war loan and I shall take the sam amount of your next one.
You remember referring my uncle to a friend of yours and of his?