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YOWEYour Own Worst Enemy (self-help book)
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i-ne bej ni gutta i-ne jaru yowe nakkani-ne nine kanna etta-ne kii'ro nakkanine
i-ne alla asu bej gutta i-ne asu ori yowe etta-ne achoo wiki wi duuse'e nakka
The second reads: 'Nowe my gracyous lordes and feyre laydes my maystres and specyalli freendes and gode felawes vouchseauf here now I beseche yowe to here the cronycle of this sayde Richarde the secounde sone and heyre to prynce Edward [.
How manie waies the same maie be inconuenient and dangerous, specially in that they desire to passe with pomp through the citie, yowe can consider .
6) The hazels spreading wide and the growing heather of 'Ca' the Yowes to the Knowes' described, in some sense, the rural workplace of the unionised shearers, miners, farmhands and drovers who pioneered the early labour movement.
It is a peculiarly lovea-ble work of easy-going melodic charm - the slow movement a brief meditation on the folk song Ca' the Yowes, the finale employing a form of pre-jazz pop music, the cakewalk, which was already archaic by the 1930s.
Ca' the yowes to the knows" (b/a/g); "Charlie is my darling" (d/c/c); "Drink to me only with thine eyes" (F/E[?
The Yowes added the Cup Winners' Cup to their Central League Division Two title last weekend, beating Beith 2-0 in the final.
In addition, adjunct instructor Terry McQuilkin has three selections: "Ca' the Yowes," a piano solo based on a Scottish folk melody; the world premiere of ``3 for 4'' for bassoon quartet; and a short vocal solo titled "She Walks in Beauty" for soprano and piano.