YOZYouth of Zion (religious group)
YOZYouth Only Zone
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By taking the coordinate values of each middle point in the yoz plane into (10), we can obtain the axial strain expressions of vertical bars (1-4), cables (5-12), cranks (13-20), rails (21-24), and central connecting rods (25-28) as follows:
It is evident that the intersections of the coordinate plane xOy and cylinders [C.sup.1.sub.1], [C.sup.1.sub.2], the coordinate plane xOz and cylinders [C.sup.1.sub.3], [C.sup.1.sub.4], and the coordinate plane yOz and cylinders [C.sup.1.sub.5], [C.sup.1.sub.6] are circles of radius [r.sub.j].
Figure 6 indicates a split cube combined by three unfolded scramble cubes, and each unfolded scramble cube is parallel to YOZ coordinate plane.
The simulated and measured radiation pattern in xoz and yoz plane at 625 MHz, 750 MHz, 850 MHz and 920 MHz are shown in Figure 8.
If electromagnetic wave is propagating along z axis and the vector [tau] lies in the yoz plane (k [parallel] z, <[H.sub.o]> [member of] yz principle plane), the components of the second-rank tensor [[epsilon].sub.ij] of collisionless magnetized plasma have the following form [17]:
1 shows the geometry of an n-conductor transmission lines (TL) in the vicinity of a 60 degree corner laid along the z axis and parallel to the xoz and yoz plane which are both considered as PEC ground planes, and the angle between them is 60 degrees.
(2) The axes of crystallographic anisotropy [<[k.sub.A]>.sup.(1)] and [<[k.sub.A]>.sup.(2)] of both uniaxial ferromagnets are considered to be parallel to the axis OZ, and the vectors of phases' spontaneous magnetization [I.sup.(1).sub.s] and [I.sup.(2).sub.s] are located in the plane YOZ containing long axes of magnetic phases andmake angles [[??].sup.(1)] and [[??].sup.(2)] with and the axis OZ, respectively.
R.I.P Yoz. Reunited with your beloved Wife where you longed to be, give my Nan a kiss from me, until I see you again.
The stolen car, which was grey, had the registration plate FB61 YOZ. A child's buggy and car seat was also taken with the car.
CHIVAS JAMES HOLIDAY WHITE PARTY From left, Yoz, Tina Honeycott, Kamila Wysocka; Jen Dartois, Elias Serrano