YPACYayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat (Indonesian: Handicapped Child Development Foundation; Sarukarta, Indonesia)
YPACYoung Professionals Association of Chattanooga (Chattanooga, TN)
YPACYoung Professionals Against Cancer (Costa Mesa, CA)
YPACYoung Pavement Artists Competition (UK)
YPACYouth Psychological Aid Centre (Lithuania)
YPACYoung People Agents for Change (UK)
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Noting their colleagues at YPAC were instrumental in helping shape YPP, Laughlin said the Canadian young professionals, now a 780-member organization, offered "advice on how they got started and what we needed to do early on.
Without his efforts, YPAC might not exist," said Gabdrakhmanova.
While YPAC President Gabdrakhmanova called the impending retirement of technical talent in the industry a "silver tsunami," Tanchak, YPAC vice president, said not all of the graying engineers are leaving at once, and some individual companies are establishing six-month, post-retirement work assignments for the veterans to return and allow young professionals to "shadow" them for a few months at a time.
What YPP, YPAC and other groups highlight is the essential need for "continuous learning and professional development, and also the responsibility that [young professionals] will undertake in progressing through their careers," Vieth said.
Collaboration is the key, said Mike McGonagill, his son, Vieth and others involved in YPP and YPAC.
Numbers of crapemyrtle aphids were estimated at all locations by visually examining 10 leaves on each of five 30-cm long terminal shoots per tree with shoots selected from around the circumference of the trees as above for YPAC.
In location IV, the expected early season peak during May-Jun 2001 was not observed, but the YPAC peaked in late season below 40 aphids per terminal (Fig.
6) YPAC never reached high numbers but several peaks were detected from mid to late season.
YPAC were low and they should have been high when the trees were visited.
YPAC were found in low numbers and the predators observed were H.
1 is 1984) provides the before baseline numbers of crapemyrtle aphids, YPAC, and the predator species present in crape myrtle before H.
YPAC also met with the IBP Youth Committee and presented to approximately 150 young pipeliners.