YPCSYork-Peel Chiropractic Society (Toronto, Canada)
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The time frame for variables was "lifetime" or "during the year before admission to the YPC".
Questionnaires from individuals who had been in a YPC >2 years (n = 82) were excluded from analyses when the observation period was "the year preceding admission to the youth centre".
Almost nine out of ten (87%) girls and boys reported having gone out with a boy or girl during the year preceding admission to the YPC. Among them, over half (girls 58%, boys 57%) reported having been subjected to violence (psychological, sexual or physical) in their intimate relationships ([dagger]), twice or more during the year preceding admission.
The first two specifications include a single (statewide) dummy variable for each plan as well as the YPC and SCD measures.
Finally, the interactions between YPC and demographic measures, in Models 2 and 4, are each highly significant with the expected signs.
On the other hand, Models 3-6, which include plan-MSA effects, do not permit identification of the price effect because the YPC measure exhibits no variation within plan and MSA.
One way to address this identification problem is to regard the plan effects estimated in Models 3-6 as "data" and to regress them on a properly instrumented measure of YPC. Recovering underlying model structure in this fashion is discussed, for example, in Nevo (2001).
The results of the regressions of YPC on market-level instruments are provided in Table 7, where I show the results of stepping in the instruments, one at a time.
Table 8 depicts regressions of the plan effects from Models 4 and 6 on the predicted values of YPC, as well as other controls.
(29) These figures are important in light of the fact that the YPC of most plans lay within $100-$200 of one another.
I compute the sum of each plan's YPC and the dollar value of its median-offered SCD.