YPSLYoung People's Socialist League
YPSLYork Property Services Ltd. (Vaughan, Ontario, Canada)
YPSLYouth Premier Soccer League
YPSLYouth Poetry Slam League
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Harrington had spent the past two years lecturing at colleges and universities across the country, helping to build YPSL into a national organization boasting 1,000 members and a YPSL coalition project, the Student Peace Union, into a 10,000-member organization.
But to Hayden, Al Haber, Richard Flacks, and other SDS leaders, YPSL was not a model of anything to emulate; meanwhile, Harrington could not resist lecturing them about things they didn't understand, owing to their deficient backgrounds in Left politics.
After she leveraged her YPSL connections into an AFT job, she did display a certain subservience to a "union boss" herself--albeit a "true visionary" who transformed her "politically and intellectually." But even while Chavez was collecting a big salary financed by AFT members' dues, she at least tried to spread this "shakedown" money around among other neocons like Robert Bork, Thomas Sowell, William Bennett and Jeane Kirkpatrick--all of whom wrote for her union journal!
Led by the iconoclastic agitational firebrand Albert Weisbord in the early 1920s, the YPSL lost their leader to the CP and their political moorings in the populist-progressive presidential bid of Robert LaFollette.
The Greater New York area was the center of YPSL strength as several thousand radical youth galvanized the Socialist Party, pushing the entrenched, often foreign-born leadership, dubbed 'the Old Guard,' back into the fray.
Using essentially the same argumentative devices that Jews used traditionally in pilpul (talmudic dialectics), Panken appealed to Irving and his YPSL (Young People's Socialist League) confederates not only by attacking Stalin's anti-Semitic policies but also, on a practical level, by directing their Jewish messianic aspirations toward tangible, realistic goals, like doing something about consumption, cleaning the streets, preventing industrial accidents, and keeping capitalist profiteers in check.