YRHYouth Reproductive Health (USAID)
YRHYour Royal Highness
YRHYves R. Hamel & Associates, Inc. (Montreal, Canada)
YRHYarmouth Regional Hospital (Canada)
YRHYAC (Yeast Artificial Chromosome) Representation Hybridization (genetics)
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Names with the name of a god other than Yahweh (yhw, yh, yw), El ('l), or Baal (b'l) include one of the following elements: hdd, hr (Horus), yrh, kms, mwt, qws.
For any top actress, being a part of the exclusive YRH club is a sure sign of progress and success.
The study revealed that the following substances were all found to be ductile: yttrium-silver (YAg), yttrium-copper (YCu), dysprosium-copper (DyCu), cerium-silver (CeAg), erbium-silver (ErAg), erbium-gold (ErAu), erbium-copper (ErCu), erbium-iridium (ErIr), holmium-copper (HoCu), neodymium-silver (NdAg), yttrium-indium (YIn), and yttrium-rhodium (YRh).
NCB senior vice president Sheldon Gartenstein arranged a total of $2.25 million in financing during the month including a $1.5 million line of credit for YRH Owners Corp., a 228- unit cond-op located at 1175 York Avenue in Manhattan; a $625,000 line of credit for a 73-unit co-op located at 333 East Broadway in Long Beach, NY; and a $120,000 first mortgage for an 8-unit co-op located at 511 8th Street in Brooklyn, NY.
(4) The content of the text, beginning with the day of the new moon and finishing with the thirtieth day (i.e., the dark of the moon: note the absence of yrh in line 14'), fits the orientation assumed by the original editors.