YRbYouth Risk Behavior
YRbResolute, Northwest Territories, Canada - Resolute Bay (Airport Code)
YRbYellow River Basin (China)
YRbYellow, Red, Blue
YRbYoung Rich Bitch
YRbYahoo! Research Berkeley (Berkeley, CA)
YRbYale Review of Books (Yale University; New Haven, CT)
YRbYangtze River Basin (China)
YRbRepair & Berthing Barge (Non Self-Propelled)
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Inciong said Sandoval denied owning YRB Solutions and promised to investigate the matter.
The forest and grassland areas displayed an upward and downward tendency ([absolute value of Z] > 1.65, p < 0.1), respectively, but this was not significant in both the YRB and ZRB.
The results showed that an abrupt change point of runoff existed in the north (LRB and CRB) and central (DRB and YRB) regions around 1998 (from 1997 to 1999, Figure 4), while no change point was detected in the south (ZRB and ZRB).
For example, hydrologic changes in the YRB are intimately connected to all aspects of Indigenous peoples' subsistence livelihoods and culture (Wilson, 2014a).
Therefore, we adopt a coupled systems approach to the study of Indigenous knowledge of water in our case study of Ruby Village in the YRB.
The unveiling of the twenty-fifth edition of the Gold Seal Booklist 2012 was the main focus of the celebration held at the Stratford Library, which was attended by friends, family, interested adults, and past and present YRB members.
A great deal of work went into planning for the anniversary ceremony by staff and current YRB members.
(7) The Box-Cox transformation was therefore carried out on the dependent variable and the four continuously measured attributes: YRB, FLRSPA, LOT, and DIST.
The spatiotemporal variations of runoff have been extensively studied in Yangtze River Basin (YRB).
Yorbeau Resources Inc (TSX: YRB.A), a Canada-based gold producing company, has completed a private placement offering.
[13] forecasted the summer mean precipitation in the midlower reaches of Yangtze River basin (YRB) using regression model based on observed dataset and suggested that the statistical forecasting model had the prediction scores as 60%-70%.
We analyzed data from the 2003 national Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), a school-based paper-and-pencil survey assessing risky health behaviors among US high school students.