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YSIYousendit (File Transfer Website)
YSIYoung Sustainable Impact (Norway)
YSIYouth Service, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA)
YSIYellow Springs Instruments (Yellow Springs, OH)
YSIYou Said It
YSIYoung Social Innovators (Ireland)
YSIYouth Science Institute
YSIYoung Scots for Independence (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
YSIYouth Sports Institute (various locations)
YSIYou Stupid Idiot
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Whereas, three genotypes of VH-295, MNH-886 and VH-144, represented high mean value of relative drought index (RDI) and yield stability index (YSI).
When yield stability index (YSI) in response to saline conditions is greater than 1.0 indicates the high genotype tolerance to salt stress.
A handheld (YSI 556) YSI Multiparameter Water Quality Sonde Assembly was used to record depth-profiles of water temperature, specific conductivity, dissolved oxygen, percent saturation of dissolved oxygen, and pH at 1 m intervals, in open-water and under-ice conditions.
Jack O'Neill, convener of the YSI in the north-east of Scotland, said the party risked "alienating thousands of young people across the country who simply believe that their future should be in their hands".
For availability of indicators, WT, SD, Dissolved Oxygen, EC (Electrical conductivity), and pH are measured by YSI 6600 multifunction water quality on-line measuring instrument.
At the end of the experimental transport period, the bags were opened, and the dissolved oxygen and temperature of the water were immediately measured using a multiparameter meter (YSI professional PRO, YSI Inc., Yellow Spring, Ohio, USA).
Indeed, Massara1, Bicre, MBB and Simeto have low values for TOL and high values for YSI, conversely to the Cyprus1, Deraa and Heider/Martes/Huevos de Oro genotypes (Table I).
Young Social Innovators (YSI) is the biggest civic and social innovation programme in Ireland, educating and engaging young people in the theory and practice of social innovation whilst challenging them to creatively tackle the social issues facing them.
Water temperature and dissolved oxygen were measured at the surface and bottom of each of the 15 stations with a YSI oxygen meter (Xylem, Inc., Yellow Springs, Ohio) with a long sensor cable calibrated in meters.
British financial services provider RBS on Friday revealed that on 20 January 2016 Ulster Bank and Young Social Innovators (YSI) announced a new partnership at an event attended by more than 200 people.
with h a deli ers rese com ysi cap rel m th s within 30 ented in mplement de, with ped pond laxed he More than 130 suppliers within 30 miles of the site are represented in a building designed to complement the surrounding countryside, with a seeded roof and landscaped pond and footpath creating a relaxed environment away from the motorway.