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YUAYou're Under Arrest (Japanese anime)
YUAYoung Urban Achievers
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He said his sources told him that Yua and other kidnap victims were reportedly held in the mall's underground basement.
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'We expected that there would be diverse opinions (about us),' Yua was quoted as saying.
Mikami Yua, 24, whose real name is Momona Kito, made her debut in the Japanese girl group SKE48 before becoming an adult film star in Japan.
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Sadly, these complex and often problematic characters disappeared after 1957, leaving only two choices available: to be mae phra (angel) or dao yua (femme fatale).
Yurisprudentsiya, 2013 (VD Mazaev, YuA Tikhomirov, L Andrichenko, The
Yua and Wu (2001) suggested an economic framework explaining the asymmetric return cross-correlation.
The fishers' "Yupik cosmology which defines the relationship between a person and all other living things through the conduct of the person is inseparably connected to the Yupik subsistence way of life." (56) Part of that belief is that "Ellam Yua," the maker, "provides all of the food sources that [the Yup'ik people] survive on ...