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Yueli Wang, Xiaoyan Li, Rongjuan Li, Ya Yang, and Jie Du (iD)
Shaoshi Yan *, Yueli Li, Tian Jin, Zhi-Min Zhou, and Dao-Xiang An
Yueli Liu [dagger], Yuzhu Tian [double dagger], Wansheng He # and Qinge Chen [??]
Qi Ping, "You qigai yueli de hua" (The talk of a person who was a beggar), in Shenghuo (Life), 1,26(April 1926): 160-61.
Yueli Ke, 40, of Flushing, N.Y., charged with sexual conduct for a fee, continued to Jan.
Yuzhu Tian ([dagger]) (1), Yueli Liu [double dagger]) and Ping Chen (#)
The mood in the Huntington catena shifts markedly between [p] and [q], from renewed confidence in God to denigration of the self (admission of personal wickedness, which presumably is the cause of the previously expressed despair) and then toward a resolve to understand, as David does, the sufferings of the present day as a paradoxical sign of God's support, a test of the soul's virtue: "We weren glad for pe daies in whiche pou madist us meke; for pe zeeris in whiche we sizen yuelis. Lord, biholde pou into pin seruauntis, and into pi werkis; and dresse pou pe sones of hem" (Ps.