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(46) Jean Philippe Vogel, 'The yupa inscriptions of King Mulavarman, from Koetei (East Borneo)', Bijdragen tot de taal-land- en volkenkunde van Nederlandsch-Indie 74, 1-2 (1918): 214-15, Inscr.
He argues later (66ff.) that the Siva linga has a Vedic antecedent in the yupa, the post to which the sacrificial animal is tethered, but provides no real evidence for their connection.
Can we have a morpheme like--upa, and assign some meaning to it and make the words like kupa (a well), supa (sauce / soup), yupa (a post / pillar).
(293.) See supra text accompanying note 39; see also Yupa Urwijitaroon et al., Reducing the Risk of HIV Transmission Through Blood Transfusion By Donor Self-Deferral, 27 SE.
In Sri Lanka also there is a tendency to conflate the indakhila with the sacrificial post (yupa) of the Vedic ritual.
is further supported by the next motif presented in the verse, when Dawn "uncovers her breast." The image of Dawn denuding herself is in direct contrast to the yupa rite, where the post is dressed.
In the RV and AV, three terms (98) are used to refer to the post to which the sacrificial animal is bound: svaru, yupa, (99) and vanaspati.
Vogel, "The Yupa Inscriptions of King Mulavarman from Koetei (East Borneo)", BKI 74 (1918): 167-232; F.D.K.
Also in East Kalimantan, inscribed yupas (in Pallava script; fourth or fifth century A.D.), gold jewellery, stone statues of Hindu gods and Boddhisatvas (ca tenth century), and a bronze Buddha were discovered.(18)