YWTYorkshire Wildlife Trust (UK)
YWTYour World Today
YWTYou Would Think
YWTYouth Worship Team (various churches/organizations)
YWTYard Walk Through
YWTYour Way Travel (tour operator in the Netherlands)
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For YWT and BWT at 24 months of age, they were adjusted by a linear growth function of average daily gain through multiplying days and average daily gain from weight at 6 mo and 18 mo measures, respectively.
In this study, the average of YWT (350.00 [+ or -] 39.79kg), CWT (340.97 [+ or -] 39.79 kg), and BFT (8.6[+ or -]3.74 mm), and their CV estimates were greatly similar to those reported by Choi et al [9], though our obtained phenotypic ranges were slightly greater than their reports.
Season of birth had a significant effect on YWT; however its effect on 6WT and 9WT was non-significant.
Two fixed effects were fitted in the models: year and season of birth (5 levels) for all the traits and region where the steers were born (41 levels) for WWT, YWT, and Marb, and a covariate was fitted; weaning age for WWT, yearling age for YWT, slaughter age for CWT, BFT, and LMA, was also fitted.
A total of 92 (37) significant SNPs were detected at 5% ChW (GW) level; 18 (0), 15 (3), 12 (8), 15 (18), 11 (7), and 21 (1) SNPs for WWT, YWT CWT, BFT, LMA, and Marb respectively (Table 3).
Six traits for growth and meat quality were chosen: weaning weight (WWT), 365-d yearling weight (YWT), CWT after slaughter, backfat thickness (BFT), LMA, and marbling score (Marb).
ywt.org.uk/ events Climb the Victoria Tower Huddersfield's high point, Castle Hill, boasts a Victorian tower that will be open every day over Easter from noon until 4.30pm.
All levels of garlic supplementation groups recorded similar egg weight (Ewt), yolk weight (Ywt), shell weight (Swt), and albumen weight (Awt); however, they surpassed what registered by the control-fed group.
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) has a number of sites with vast numbers of butteries including Askham Bog, near York, where populations of orange-tips are impossible to miss during the spring months.
at's the message from York-York shire Wildlife Trust (YWT) which is looking for help to bring the iconic bird out of endangerment.
On Sunday the farm, managed by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT), put on a series of family activities to raise awareness of the decline of the barn owl.
Now Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) is hoping to restore grasslands, homes to small mammals which provide prey for the barn owl.