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The point near the main castle gateway (TM1) indicated special short-term movements in co-ordinates y and z by the end of 2004 together with the angular deviations yxy and yxz which appeared simultaneously at TM2, farther on behind the gate (Fig.
yxy is sharply developed representing an acceleration moment for yxz.
Angular deviations yxy and yxz revealed progressive lines affected by seasonal variations (Fig.
Plant color at Zadoks growth stage 45 (boot stage) is dark green (Y = 11.04; x = 0.327; y = 0.428), as determined by the Minolta Cr-300 Chroma meter using the CIE Yxy color system (Minolta Corp., Ramsey, NJ).
ZYXZYXZY xzyxzy xzy xzyxy zxy zxyzx yzyxz yx zyxzy xyzx yzx zyxzy xzyxzy xzyxzyxz yxy zxyz xyzxyzy xzy xzyxz yxyzxy zx zyxz yxzyxzy xzyx zy xzy x yzxyz xyzx yz yxzyx zyxz yxyz xyz x.
Netherlands-based R&D company, Avantium, has announced its second major partnership for its YXY technology to produce 100 percent bio-sourced polyethylene furanoate (PEF) bottles.
The agreement is said to form another cornerstone of Avantium's commercialisation strategy to further co-develop the YXY technology for producing PEF bottles.
Our YXY solution for the packaging industry creates a new bio-sourced material delivering superior functional properties versus conventional PET technology (for example light weighting potential, barrier and thermal properties).
Thus, by Theorem 2.6, there exists f [member of] U such that xy = yf = y(yf) = yxy. It follows that (xy)(xy) = x(yxy) = x(xy) = xy and so that xy [member of] E [intersection] eS(U)e.
Avantium has begun building a pilot plant in Geleen, The Netherlands, that will produce YXY building blocks for making green materials and fuels.
To run the pilot plant and to further accelerate the commercialization of YXY, Avantium says, it is raising additional private funding.