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b) yyam Cruise in Valapattanam River - Cruise starts from Valapattanam to Pazhayangadi in Valapattanam River with an effective length of 16 km.
De [beaucoup moins que]Idaq wul[beaucoup plus grand que] (coeur oppresse) a [beaucoup moins que]Ur di ttagga[beaucoup plus grand que] (ne me laisse pas) en passant par [beaucoup moins que]Sevr ay uliw[beaucoup plus grand que] (patience), Telt yyam (trois jours), [beaucoup moins que]Latnadigh fellam[beaucoup plus grand que] (je cherche apres toi) ou encore [beaucoup moins que]achal ihadragh fellam[beaucoup plus grand que] (Eo combien je t'ai evoquee dans mes propos),tout un itineraire d'amour, orne de sentiments multicolores a affleure.
orchestrates a lush visual landscape into which she weaves elements of traditional Kerala dance forms such as the yyam and kathakali.