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YYYYeah Yeah Yeahs (band)
YYYYada Yada Yada
YYYMont Joli, Quebec, Canada (Airport Code)
YYYYoupi Youpi Yeah (band)
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Or, perhaps you just combine them with the "leaving XXX for YYY," figuring that's both an acknowledgement and the required report.
The following three-digit number "yyy"--or two-digit number, for series 01 to 13--identifies the TS within that series.
YYY is supported in part by research grants from the NOAA CPO/CPPA program (NA100AR4310168) and the National Basic Research Program of China (2012CB417203).
Luego pasaron a libertad asistida, libertad asistida especial, yyy siguieron sin aparecer ...
One person would say, XXX has the best curriculum and the best theory class, while the other would say YYY has more intensive training and more expert driving instructors.
Medico-biological tests of new types of uncooked smoked products enriched in mussel hydrolysates and zosterin conducted at the City Clinical Hospital in Vladivostok involving COPD patients at YY and YYY stages showed that the produced uncooked smoked products can be recommended to COPD patients for correction of protein-energy and oxidative status [34,35].
They were instructed to listen carefully to the sentences, in order to judge their acceptability; the exact instruction, simplified to be understood by children, was "can you say xxx (verb infinitive) yyy (object)?" (e.g., "can you say 'to throw an idea'"?).
2010) if the meaning can be inferred, or as YYY or XXX (Pichler et al.
Issue Issue Open date Status Severity raised by owner (open S, H, M, L /closed) i XXX YYY 10/11/2011 Closed L 2 XXX YYY 10/11/2011 Closed L 3 XXX YYY 10/11/2011 Closed L Project name: Credit Card Transaction Code Review Form Date of walkthrough: 10/11/2011 Sl.no.