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YACCYet Another Compiler-Compiler
YACCyet Another Compiler Computer
YACCYoung Adult Conservation Corps
YACCYet Another CSO Compressor (software)
YACCYawkey Ambulatory Care Center (Boston, MA)
YACCYearbook of American and Canadian Churches (National Council of Churches in the USA)
YACCYet Another Credit Card
YACCYarmouth Area Chamber of Commerce (Massachusetts)
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MIT is built on a context-free language parser generator YACC with input file (declarations, productions, and subroutines).
Many popular parser generators such as Yacc [Johnson 1975] restrict themselves to S-attributed grammars where all attributes can be evaluated "on-the-fly" during parsing.
This can be contrasted with Yacc, where some amount of effort is required to make nonliteral basic symbols available to the processor.
Existing table construction methods (such as the popular Unix tools yacc and bison) may be used with very little change.
Finally, there are programs, such as yacc [11] that write their output on fixed name files, such as y.
SandStone has converted an existing (and well tested) public domain yacc grammar for use with Visual Parse++.