YAFAYet Another Fine Acronym
YAFAYouth and Family Academy (est. 1996; Pueblo, CO)
YAFAYambio Farmers Association
YAFAYouth and Family Association (Kallangur, Queensland, Australia)
YAFAYet Another Freakin' Acronym
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When I stood at the borders of Yafa, the line of what was real and imagined suddenly became blurred.
The title is rather ambitious and smacks of hyperbole, but Yafa has a lot of information to support his view.
In his search to name his company, Yair Greenberg came up with the idea of combining the first two letters of his first name, with the first two letters of his wife's first name, Fay, naming the company Yafa.
One of these is her sincere confession about her feelings when she was entering Jerusalem through the Yafa Gate.
In his famous song "Ani vesimon vemoiz hakatan," Yossi Banay writes, "benaaley shabat vekova shel baret, vebeivrit yafa im ain veim khet," "With Sabbath shoes and a beret hat, and in beautiful Hebrew with Ayin and with Het," referring to the Semitic pharyngeals, which most Israelis do not pronounce but which are used by old Yemenite Jews, for example.
Without losing any of their specificities, my stories overlapped with those that Isam told of Bayt-Jibrin, that Rula told of Yafa, Amjad of al-Ramla, Jehad of el-Khaleel, Samar of Akka, Mohammad of Salsaf, Ahmad of Tarshiha, Badea of Nassreh.
JAFFA has been known as Jaffa, Yafa Yafo or Joppa and not Haifa, which is a different town on the Mediterranean (Page 6, March 4).
Yafa Signed Jewels, based in New York City, is showcasing this stunning platinum, diamond and ruby brooch.
Zahi, his older brother Zuhair and their driver, an Arab Israeli citizen from Yafa, Anwar Al Astal, parked their car at the side of Shefa Amr's main street to repair a mechanical fault in the vehicle's engine.
Once Palestine's largest city, Yafa turned out not to be figment of my grandfather's imagination, but a tangible space, of sand, air and sea.
The US and the Persian Gulf Arab states have plans to sow discord between the Egyptian nation and army in a bid to prevent a peaceful holding of elections in the country," Director of Yafa Research Center in Egypt Rafat Sayyed Ahmad told FNA on Monday.
TEL AVIV, June 19, 2011 (WAFA) ' The Israeli military court in Yafa Sunday pressed charges against a senior officer in the Israeli army who ordered soldiers stationed in Kafr al Dik, a village near Qalqilia, to run over a mentally-retarded Palestinian, 19, two years ago.