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Being socially responsible is a decision all corporations must take seriously and in today's world companies must give back by empowering the society and developing the community," said Ms Al Yafi.
Besides Kariem, Xtreme Derbas comprised Kareem Derbas (leader), Omar Derbas (both Palestinians), Nabeel Derbas and Anwar el Yafi (both Lebanese).
The Berry Company founder Khaled Yafi said that both acai and goji fruit had the potential to become the next pomegranate and were already creating interest in the UK.
Seniors - T Shearer (Runcorn) LPts D Gumatti (Chester), S Yafi LPts J Tallon (Transport).
He visited relatives in a village of Yafi and others in Aden before his mother returned to Britain on August 20 last year.
12) Interview with investor Hisham Yafi, Damascus, August 1996.
The Sultan of lower Yafi, in order to take over the family's land, imprisons the father, who dies in confinement, and causes the rape of Fadhl's eldest sister, Fatima, who then commits suicide.
Dr Michael Yafi, of the University of Texas, presented the findings at a diabetes conference in Stockholm.
Leafing through the document, Yafi made remarks that would come to encapsulate the principal critique of the military justice system expounded by human rights activists six decades later.
Faten Al Yafi heads the third one "The Role of Chambers in Motivating Businesswomen: Achieved and Anticipated" with BCCI chief executive Nabeel Al Mahmood leading the fourth session titled "Creativity: The Key to Advancement".
In a Canadian multicentre study by Yafi and colleagues, of the 2287 patients who were treated with radical cystectomy at academic centres from 1998 to 2008, only 3.
Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah also received French envoy to Kuwait Nada Yafi who was accompanied by her country's new appointed military attache at the French Embassy here.