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YAMAYork University Anime and Manga Association (anime)
YAMAYet Another Mobile App
YAMAYoung Adolescent Ministry Association
YAMAYet Another Meaningless Acronym
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Mi yama sinta mira" (My name is sit and see) is based on the old expression "mundu yama sinta mira" (the world is sit and see), which holds a conception of wisdom, of standing aside and observing the greatness of the universe.
La descripcion del dios Yama contrasta por su condicion de dios de los muertos y los colores de su vestido pero, sobre todo, por su figura de un sol brillante, de blanco negruzco, de roja mirada, en cuya metafora se resaltan curiosamente los mismos colores caracteristicos del dios Savitar: los colores del sol.
Thus, the sato yama is an essential component of self-sufficient traditional agriculture, to the point that between 30-50% of the available space is reserved for this purpose.
Casanova also never forgot her priorities, Yama naka said.
larinin 10 calismasinda CAPB karsi duyarliligi olan 10 hastaya DMAPA (%1) ve amidoamin (%0,5 ve %0,25) ile yama testleri uygulamislar ve tum hastalarda DMAPA ve amidoamine karsi pozitif yanit elde etmislerdir.
As of now we start sharing with all our brothers and followers information from the Indian Militaty (sic) Intelligence servers, so far we have discovered within the Indian Spy Programme (sic) source codes of a dozen software companies which have signed agreements with Indian TANCS programme (sic) and CBI," Yama Tough had said in one comment.
Gecmiste uc uca anastomoz tekniginde, rekoarktasyon oranlarinin yuksek olmasi nedeniyle prostetik yama aortoplastisi teknigi gelistirilmistir.
People's Choice winners were Asian, Laddavanh "Anna" Bouphavichith of Yama Zaukura, Northboro; gourmet, Andrew LaHaye; and dessert, Christiana Ernst of Via Alta 27, Clinton.
He was talking to a delegation, led by DCM of Japanese Embassy, Gota Yama Moto, which met him at his office Friday.
Soldiers from the I Corps chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives (CBRNE) cell and the 23d Chemical Battalion (Fort Lewis, Washington) traveled to Osaka, Japan, to participate in Yama Sakura 51 (YS 51).
Yama, respect for others, includes nonviolence, truth, honesty, moderation, and noncovetousness.
While he is the son of the radiant Vivasvant, Yama is also, paradoxically, the god of death.