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YvRAYampa Valley Regional Airport (Hayden, CO)
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Since 2007, Beck served as chairman on the Craig/Moffat Airport Advisory Board as well as on the Yampa Valley Regional Airport Commission.
Though it requires a longer drive, the town has nearby Yampa Valley Regional Airport with nights from at least eight major cities every day at the height of the ski season, including a direct daily flight from LAN in Los Angeles.
Yampa Valley Regional Airport, Garfield County Regional Airport, Steamboat Springs Airport and Craig-Moffat Country Airport now have surveillance coverage through the FAA's Surveillance and Broadcast Services (FAA SBS) programme office and Colorado Department of Transportation's Aeronautics Division (DCOT) Wide Area Multilateration Project.
A half-hour from Steamboat Springs, Steamboat/Hayden (HDN), or Yampa Valley Regional Airport, has daily flights from Denver and Salt Lake City.
The number of travelers arriving at Yampa Valley Regional Airport in August reached 4,008 in total down by around 100 from 2011.
Features large wooden trusses, vaulted ceilings and a massive stone fireplace, plus a 14-foot by 45-foot RV storage unit at Hayden Airport Garages, Yampa Valley Regional Airport.