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* Seasonal rainfall associated with the Mei-yu frontal boundary brought additional flooding across southern sections of China within the Yangtze River Basin and northern China in July.
With a history of 3500 years, Wuhan's urban civilization dates to Panlong Town which is the oldest city ever unearthed in the Yangtze River basin. Over the past thousands of years, thanks to its well-developed transport network and abundant local products, this area has always been a land of milk and honey.
The Yangtze River Basin is a globally-significant rapeseed growing area, using so-called semi-winter varieties drilled in the hot and seasonally dry month of September and harvested the following year.
The Eastern population breeds in northeastern Siberia and winters at Poyang Lake in the Lower Yangtze River Basin in China.
Wang, "Trends and variability of daily precipitation and extremes during 1960-2012 in the Yangtze River Basin, China," International Journal of Climatology, vol.
They analysed chemical data from 16,000 wells in the Glacial Aquifer, the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Mehta Basin in Bangladesh, the Mekong Delta in Cambodia and the Yangtze River Basin of China.
Jiang, "Sediment and runoffchanges in the Yangtze River basin during past 50 years," Journal of Hydrology, vol.
Just two months later, China's Yangtze River basin was hit by its worst flooding since 1999.
Among their topics are evapotranspiration mapping utilizing remote sensing data, assimilating remotely sensed streamflow data to improve flood forecasting in ungauged river basins in Africa, the multiscale evaluation and applications of current global satellite-based precipitation products over the Yangtze River Basin, satellite remote sensing drought monitoring and predictions over the the globe, and cloud-based cyber-information for disaster monitoring and mitigation.
(TAP) - Flooding in the Yangtze river basin in China has left 130 people dead or missing in recent days.
It was surely amazing the way China has managed to mitigate the flood risk in the Yangtze River basin, spreading over catchment area of 1.8 million square kilometers.