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YYMCA or YWCA (Young Men's Christian Association or Young Women's Christian Association)
YYahoo! (Internet search engine)
YCorporation (IRB)
YIncome (economics)
YEconomy (class airfare)
YBusiness Class (Air Freight; also see C, Economy Class)
YYankee (aviation letter code)
YYen (Japanese currency)
YYukon Territory (postal code designation, Canada)
YY Chromosome
YBundeswehr (German Armed Forces; number plate)
YTyrosine (amino acid)
YLuminance (signal)
YConsolidated-Vultee Aircraft Corporation (manufacturer's symbol; now Convair)
YYotta- (prefix, 10^24 or septillion)
YYocto (prefix for one septillionth, 10^ -24)
YMale Chromosome
YYukon Standard Time
YSearch and Rescue Unit (SRU) Error (US DoD)
YVertical axis in Cartesian coordinate system
YUS DoT tire speed rating (188 mph)
YNavigational error of search craft
YPrototype Aircraft Designation
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This new 'Home of Champions' will preserve the architectural integrity of the original Yankee Stadium, while incorporating modern amenities.
It is normally re-compressed and re-used in the Yankee or used instead to heat hot water for showers on the paper machine.
14, 1999 Yankees 2 Yankee Stadium Yankees 3, Red Sox 2 57,180
The June meeting of NACORE New York City Chapter featured Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer, and the surprise appearance of developer Abe Hirschfeld, both of whom discussed the volatile topic of moving Yankee Stadium to Manhattan using public funds.
A Yankee Village plan has been part of the centerpiece Stadium plan proposed by Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer for many years, and he is now trying to jump-start the plan independent of the Yankees, REW has learned.