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YZSZYarlung Zangbo Suture Zone (contact between India and Eurasian plates)
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Due to the attenuation of the Indian monsoon activity from downstream to upstream and given the unique topography of the Yarlung Zangbo Suture Zone, the multiyear averaged precipitation in the region is below 300 mm, with the mean temperature of approximately -3.0[degrees]C [19].
Geochemistry and geochronology of the metamorphic sole underlying the Xigaze Ophiolite Yarlung Zangbo Suture Zone South Tibet.
Second, approximately 77.9% of the annual precipitation falls during the summer (from June to September); this precipitation arises primarily from moisture from the Bay of Bengal transported by the Indian monsoon and moisture transported by the Western Pacific subtropical high, which converge and are then transported from east to west through the Yarlung Zangbo Suture Zone. Therefore, longitude has a higher correlation with precipitation than does latitude in the Yarlung Zangbo River Basin.
The Indus Yarlung Zangbo Suture Zone (IYZSZ) is a greater than 2000 km long by roughly 30 km wide first-order tectonic structure (Fig.