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YDYoung Democrats
YDYounger Dryas (prehistoric climate period)
YDYear Date (date on a stamp; philately)
YDFloating Crane (Non Self-Propelled)
YDYankee Division (WWI; infantry division from New England)
YDYaw Damper
YDDistrict Derrick, Floating (US Navy)
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Only aircraft with a tendency for the tail to wander--such as many twins and some V-tails--benefit from a yaw damper.
Hopf bifurcation in two-axle bogie and dual wheelset was also studied through a nonlinear model, which includes nonlinear wheel-rail contact and nonlinear yaw damper suspension.
Yaw control damping is based on determining the amplification factor Kr and the time constant of the Washout filter [tau], so that the Dutch roll mode damping factor of the closed circuit system, composed of the aircraft and the yaw damper, is of level 1 across the entire flight envelope, according to the MIL-F-8785C regulation.
Bill Serra that he had activated the aircraft's yaw damper. About 11 seconds later, Serra says: "Why am I fighting the controls here?".
For example, rather than a central autopilot computer/controller design as shown in Figure 1 on Page 13, the "intelligence" of Garmin's GFC 700 flight control system is distributed among separate servos controlling pitch, roll and trim (and yaw damper in some installations).
However the crew did not realize that the aircraft has gone into a bank with yaw damper failure.
"After an engine failure, Garmin's GFC700 yaw damper can keep the aircraft straight and level until eSafe takes over," he said.
The Detroit Free Press reported that the copilot of a Cessna Citation may have mistakenly turned on the aircraft's autopilot instead of its yaw damper, possibly leading to a fatal crash.
Three-axis autopilot: Add a yaw damper controlling the rudder to a two-axis autopilot and you've automated flight in all three axes.
A review of the aircraft's maintenance log shows that on the morning of the accident, a pitch trim control and the yaw damper would not engage during a pre-flight check.
The KI-300 will be available in three configurations: The KI-256/ KG-258 replacement for $5995, a $7995 version with outputs for replacing the King KRG-330 yaw gyro (for older KFC autopilots with yaw damper) and a standalone model (no autopilot interface) for $4995.