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YRSYear-Round School
YRSYaw Rate Sensor (gyroscopic velocity measure)
YRSYokohama Rugby School (Yokohama, Japan)
YRSYoung Researchers Symposium
YRSYield Ramp Simulator (PDF Solutions)
YRSYasuni Research Station (Ecuador)
YRSYacht Race Scoring System
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Among the sensors, vehicle dynamic sensors such as wheel speed sensor (WSS), steering angle sensor (SAS), and yaw rate sensor (YRS) measure and provide the vehicle motions for two-dimensional DR navigation.
The base standalone KI300 without autopilot output is $4995, $5995 with autopilot output/flight director interface and $7995 with yaw rate sensor. BendixKing said the KI-300 is expected to be certified by February 2016.
The brake system ECU receives information from wheel speed sensors, a yaw rate sensor, the steering angle sensor as well as torque and gear ratio data from the engine and transmission ECUs.
The yaw rate sensor, which measures the degree of rotation around a vehicle's vertical axis, was new when Bosch and Mercedes introduced it in 1995.
The new STi also features a limited slip differential on the front axle which is now mated to a yaw rate sensor to detect sudden changes in sideways direction.
Integrated with the traction control and ABS, StabiliTrak uses accelerator pedal position, brake master cylinder pressure and steering wheel angle sensors to interpret the driver's desired path and a lateral accelerometer and yaw rate sensor to determine the vehicle's actual path.
That unit coordinates torque based on the difference between actual and target yaw rates by comparing the output of the yaw rate sensor with the rate calculated from the steering angle sensor.
Even vehicle stability control systems, which rely on a high-priced yaw rate sensor, require input from a decidedly low-tech wheel speed sensor.
At the heart of the latest stability control system type is the yaw rate sensor, which is similar in function to a gyroscope.