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YeVYotta Electron-Volt (energy)
YeVInuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada - Inuvik International Airport (Airport Code)
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Calibrated to Yev's game as they all are, Lucius sees that the millisecond will take too long--the minute it does, Yevi whips the ball past his ear into Gary's waiting mitts.
Because the rings for Martin Wright and fiancee Yev Dolganova, of Lanchester, County Durham, is made from the titanium of a rocket which once launched a Russian spacecra ft.
on September 17, Salem, Oregon, resident Yev Gerasimenko, holding his four-day-old baby in one arm, answered a knock at the door.
Both the YEV I and YEV II are venture funds focused primarily on early stage investments in the energy technology segment of the cleantech industry.
One may lie for the sake of peace (Babylonian Talmud, Yev. 62b).
The first two lines read: "Shod sireli Poopool jon statsank sirov namagd yev gartalov shod oorakhatzank" (Very lovely and dear Poopool [my nickname] we received your loving letter and were very happy reading it).
Yur' Yev notes that "...research has shown that visual acuity can be improved considerably by exercise...
The event was sponsored by Yev Kozachuk-Edward Jones and School of Rock Arlington Heights.
("Aylonit," Encyclopedia Talmudit [ET], n.d., citing Rashi Yev
A Ford Granada Ghia - registration G220 YEV - which the couple are believed to be using was spotted close to Dundee.
The event is sponsored by Edward Jones - Yev Kozachuk.
The Open's major sponsors included Pepper Construction (Event Sponsor); Franczek Radelet, STR Partners and Trane (Platinum Sponsors); Grand Prairie Transit and Mount Prospect State Bank (Gold Sponsors); CS2 Design Group, David Perry with Guaranteed Rate, Yev Kozachuk with Edward Jones, Kriha Law, Parenti & Raffaelli and Village Bank & Trust (Silver Sponsors); and American Taxi, Arlington Heights Ford, the Daily Herald, Kizer & Associates, the Law Office of Miriam Cooper and TouchPros (Bronze Sponsors).