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A third reinsurer, NAC Re, states: "We also emphasize that the outcome of any `duty to defend' or coverage litigation in this area will be directly affected by other policy provisions and exclusions that may have a beating on property damaged by the Year 2000 bug, not the least of which will be the `lack of fortuity' question."(6)
Debunking the Year 2000 Bug," http://www.bugnet.com/analysis/y2k_debunk.html.
If managers responsible for fixing the Y2K problem in their systems have not already begun to correct the problems that will be caused by the year 2000 bug, it's probably too late.
So what kind of risk management does a non-profit practise in the face of the so called Year 2000 bug?
Mallinger, vice president of financial services at the Airlines Reporting Corporation, thinks some companies may take their chances with the Year 2000 bug. A one-time Cobol programmer, he understands the logic behind that decision.
Despite celebrating the impressive performance, group managing director Ms Jo Connell said the third quarter had been difficult as worries over the Year 2000 bug had seen a freeze on IT spending by firms.
Thanks to its flagging attempts to cure computers of the Year 2000 bug, all its cash dispensers will be out of action this weekend for 15 hours.
CACDS is also helping its members address such technology-related issues as the year 2000 bug and efficient consumer response (ECR).
That is the monster bill that could be faced by Midland firms to stop the year 2000 bug wrecking their businesses.
One second past the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2000, the Year 2000 bug could infect anything that contains date-formatted digital technology, including mainframes, personal computers and products that run off hidden computer microchips.
Assessing the overall risks associated with the Year 2000 Bug also means determining whether even the most fundamental equipment, such as elevators, escalators, heating and air conditioning, time clocks and security systems, will function when the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 1999.
A recent alarming survey of top Scots firms showed that only one in eight companies claims to have solved the problem of the Year 2000 bug.