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Y4KYear 4000
Y4KYouth for the Kingdom (Phoenix, AZ)
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It is built in relation to the extraordinary Mayan calendar (apparently the world ending in 2012 is not a problem, you should really be worried about the year 4000 also) and features the Mayans' spectacular party trick: during the spring and autumn equinox the sun's shadow is in the shape of Kukulkan.
What makes the game stand out from all the other computer games is that it gives you control over a civilisation and its future from the year 4000 B.
It correctly identifies the year 2000 as a leap year but I do not know if it would predict that rite year 4000 is not a leap year.
Venus transitions have been plotted back as far as 2000BC and forward to the year 4000 by scientists.
Hamzullah has said that every year 4000 new Tuberculosis (TB) cases have been reported in the provincial capital whereas 300000 cases across the country.
But every year 4000 Scots families share the same heartbreak.