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YDYoung Democrats
YDYounger Dryas (prehistoric climate period)
YDYear Date (date on a stamp; philately)
YDFloating Crane (Non Self-Propelled)
YDYankee Division (WWI; infantry division from New England)
YDYaw Damper
YDDistrict Derrick, Floating (US Navy)
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The year date figure is down 2 per cent to 206.4 passengers.
NEW Brighton have agreed to make their New Year date at Moss Farm against Northwich into a double header.
These rifles have the commercial Mauser Banner on the receiver and the year date. Concentration Camp Kar.
Summary: The Royal Mint has issued up to 200,000 20p coins without a year date - making them worth Au50 each.
England will defend the Ashes in five Tests - from Brisbane on November 23 to a New Year date in Sydney - before a tri-nation one-day series with the hosts and New Zealand.
Natasha Williams, 27, the mother of his seven-month-old daughter Shayla, had taken advantage of the leap year date to ask her man for his hand in marriage.
Proposals are very much in the air just now with the leap year date of February 29 the only day women are supposed to propose to their boyfriends just weeks away.
DETAILS: 020 7637 2525 or www.msccruises.com NORWEGIAN Coastal Voyages have added another New Year date to their Northern Lights schedule.
To account for the discrepancy, in 1582 Pope Gregory, relying on the advice of the astronomer Clavius, established that the extra day (leap day) would not be added in centenary years--that is, those with dates ending in "00"--except if the centenary year date was evenly divisible by 400.
The new cards have a four-digit year date instead of the two-digit year date currently used, and they are purple.
Although the pages bear no year date, Imanishi-Kari has stated that she conducted those experiments in June 1985.
According to international real estate advisor Savills, 51.295 million has been spent in Scotlands hotels market by overseas investors in 2017 to year date, more than six times the 2016 annual figure, which totalled 7.8 million.