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YDYoung Democrats
YDYounger Dryas (prehistoric climate period)
YDYear Date (date on a stamp; philately)
YDFloating Crane (Non Self-Propelled)
YDYankee Division (WWI; infantry division from New England)
YDYaw Damper
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Year-to-date sales totaled nearly 12,800 vehicles for the Stelvio (not available in 2016) and more than 20,100 vehicles for the Giulia (+200.
The company reported a year-to-date load factor in 2016 of 83.
Silver was the key performer among precious metals with year-to-date volumes rising 37 per cent in November, to aggregate 14,939 contracts.
With regard to the wider Mena region, overall occupancy rates in Amman increased by 16 per cent year-to-date.
Year-to-date, the city's velocity, at 349,850 s/f, exceeded the first six months of 2003 by 44%.
Standard Federal Bank and LaSalle Bank reported year-to-date 2003 production of $11 billion, compared with $7 billion for year-to-date 2002, representing a 57 percent increase.
1 per cent while year-to-date sales were also up 16.
Year-to-date, total steel imports of 10 million net tons remain nearly seven percent higher than last year's figure, although finished steel imports are down two percent.
2% for August and for the year-to-date are averaging 3.
The ruling concluded that the first two taxpayers did not violate the LIFO conformity requirements in their statements to the credit subsidiary, because they had used LIFO in inventorying goods to determine their net income for the monthly and year-to-date amounts for the December income statements.
Affecting the comparability between years of the Company's year-to-date financial performance was the receipt from settlement of a lawsuit favorably impacting 2008 year-to-date results by $0.