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The yearly output totalled just 9.12 million t of potassium chloride with manufacturing capacity of 13 million t (-11.3% y/y); average yearly capacity utilization amounted to about 80%.
The expansion, according to the company, is in accordance with its ongoing program to develop new mining truck models and to increase production capabilities to handle a yearly output of more than 100 units.
To place this in perspective, India's wheat stocks are equivalent to Australia's entire annual production of the grain, while its stocks of rice are 50 percent more than Thailand's yearly output.
Full financing needs were estimated at 17 billion (the country's entire yearly output), with 10 billion set aside to recapitalise Cypriot banks, strongly affected by the Greek debt crisis.
According to Goreham, "50 times more [CO.sub.2], is dissolved in Earth's oceans than is found in the atmosphere." (Emphasis in original.) Man's yearly output of [CO.sub.2], is only 0.016 percent of the oceans' total reservoir--a proverbial "drop in the bucket." And when natural forces warm oceans, the oceans then release [CO.sub.2], which could explain the recent rise in concentrations of [CO.sub.2].
Nowadays, the 225 m (740 ft) wide and 1,000 m (3,300 ft) long coal panels produce a yearly output of 3 million tons.
The plant will have an initial capacity of 25,000 vehicles annually from 2014 and will rise to a maximum yearly output of 75,000, according to Le Figaro.
The Taichung plant's yearly output value totals NT$700-800 million (US$23.33-26.66 million) so far, but will double after the completion of its second production line by next second quarter.
The company has a yearly output of more than 40,000 tons and is a large producer of slub yarn for denim applications, supplying leadings brands such as Levis, Wrangler, GAP, Diesel, H and M, Walmart, Marks and Spencer and J.C.
The company will use the loan to bankroll its business aiming to boost yearly output by 100% to 460,000 units in the fiscal year ending March 2014, the spokesperson said.
Consequently, jurisdictions that account for 20 percent of total national production will rebound faster than those normally accounting for half the yearly output. So the overall improvement isn't likely to move the needle very far, Crowe warned.
"By changing all the light bulbs, an average family can easily save 50 euro per year on their annual electricity bill, and the EU as a whole can save the yearly output of 10 power stations and 15 million tonnes per year of CO2 emissions, which is like taking seven million cars or all of the cars in the Netherlands, off the road," added Oettinger .