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YCWYoung Canada Works (work-study program; Canada)
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Yeast cell wall is rich in prebiotics and has been studied in pig production, mainly focusing on its effects on growth performance, immune modulation, and microbiology [4-6].
The [beta]-glucan and yeast cell wall were analyzed for glycaemic response during in vitro digestion method.
The (1 [right arrow] 6)-[beta]-D-glucan acts as a linker between (1 [right arrow] 3)-[beta]-D-glucan, chitin and the mannoproteins, and stabilizes the whole structure making the yeast cell wall insoluble [1].
Assessment of yeast cell wall as replacements for antibiotic growth promoters in broiler diets: effects on performance, intestinal histo-morphology and humoral immune responses.
Because of the extensive use of this adsorbent as a feed additive in China, we carried out this in vivo experiment to evaluate the efficiency of yeast cell wall (YCW) in sequestering mycotoxins and its safety towards broiler chickens.
Dried yeast cell wall fractions were reported to be the most efficient at adsorbing OTA, may be due to yeast [beta]-D-glucans, glucomannans and mannan oligosaccharide (74-76).
Other studies have shown that yeast in general has probiotic effects, including treatment of intestinal diseases in part due to the removal of mycotoxins as they bind to the yeast cell wall.
The study shows how microbes in the human digestive tract have learned to unravel the difficult to break down complex carbohydrates that make up the yeast cell wall. The bacterium Bacteroides thetaiotomicron is almost exclusively found in the human gut.
The remaining cells were subjected to mild sonication (Vibra Cell VCX130, Sonic & Materials, CT, USA) on ice for 2 min (3 mm microtip probe, 20% amplitude, pulse 15 s, interval 3 s), an established method for monitoring yeast cell wall disruption (Ruiz et al., 1999).
The important characteristics of yeast cell wall are referred to as mannans, mannan conjugates, high water solubility; broadspectrum of biological activity, low toxicity, stability and anti-mutagenic effects via different modes of action.
As we all know, there are diverse functional groups which are contained in chemical substances in the yeast cell wall, such as carboxyl, amine, hydroxyl, and phosphoryl.
(1969) Method for fingerprinting yeast cell wall mannans.