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(6.) Some readers of the Yeats Eliot Review might not be aware of Yeats's friendlier response: "Schopenhauer can do no wrong in my eyes--I no more quarrel with him that I do with a mountain cataract." Cited in Joseph Hone, W B.
and Co-Dependent." Yeats Eliot Review 11 (Fall 1991): 33-37.
My main essay appeared in the Yeats Eliot Review (1990) and then led to a chapter in my second Eliot book (T.
He has published or has forthcoming articles in the Yeats Eliot Review, Studies in Short Fiction, Literature/Film Quarterly, and Mississippi Quarterly.
I hope to be pursuing this study through the next several issues or more of the Yeats Eliot Review, as space permits.
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[While it is impossible to avoid errors, especially when articles are transmitted electronically and then "translated" from one word processing program to another, there was an exceptionally inordinate number, and one serious lacuna, in J.H.Copley's 'Plurilingualism and the Mind of Europe in T.S.Eliot and Dante', from the Yeats Eliot Review, 22.1, Spring 2005, pp.