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YSYuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia)
YSYouth Services
YSYours Sincerely
YSYour Servant
YSYou Suck
YSYoshi's Story (video game)
YSYouth Specialties (Minneapolis, MN)
YSYellow Submarine (Beatles album/song)
YSYield Strength (PSI)
YSYottasecond (time measurement)
YSYou Stink
YSY Strainer
YSYour Sinclair (magazine)
YSYellow Signal
YSYellow Shark
YSYemen (Aden) (Including Socotra Island)
YSYama Sakura (Japan)
YSYoung Sam Kim (former Korean president)
YSYumeshima (enterperience community)
YSYoungstown & Southern Railway Company
YSDistrict Barge, Stevadoring (US Navy)
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Imagine coming face-to-face with a yellow shark off the coast of Brazil, then watching as it is gently forced to expel its stomach contents for tests that could save the threatened species.
A few steps away from the scintillating image of Omotto's jersey, his father, walks by in a radiant green and yellow Sharks jersey and as soon as he is greeted by his son, Omotto indulges in a chat, a voice of the football fans from the area.