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References in classic literature ?
My wife pointed out to me the brightness of the red, green, and yellow signal lights hanging in a framework against the sky.
However, the time by the end of the green signal and at the onset of the yellow signal is the key time of red-light running at both types of intersections.
Attempting to satisfy all variables will invariably lead to application inconsistency and a variable length for the yellow signal.
The QC referred to the Driver Reminder Appliance button, which stops a train accelerating after a yellow signal.
Railtrack QC Mr Roger Henderson, in his closing submission to Lord Cullen, chairman of the inquiry, said Mr Hodder had been trained to use a button called the Driver Reminder Appliance, which stops the train from accelerating, whenever he passed a yellow signal.
On a snowy night in February of 1996, the engineer of a Maryland commuter train forgot (or didn't notice) the yellow signal before the Kensington, Md., station and pulled out of the station at 60 miles an hour By the time he saw the stop sign and slammed on the brakes it was too late.
Through regular reviews of signalling infrastructure and SPAD data, Queensland Rail also recently identified an opportunity to improve the safety of signalling at Normanby, through the installation of a permanent yellow signal to be installed at the location to reduce the likelihood of drivers misreading the signals over the curved section of track.
Increase the duration of the yellow signal to at least five seconds or introduce a system whereby the green light starts flashing a few times before it turns yellow.
Installation and equipment costs for the 18th Avenue-Alder Street signal were about $1,250, and related improvements still to be added include a yellow signal frame to improve visibility and a new aluminum pole.
The yellow signal means you should stop or start moving.
Abu Dhabi/Dubai/Sharjah Although motorists in Abu Dhabi and Dubai will not incur fines for crossing a yellow signal, authorities are urging them to stop at yellow lights for safety reasons.