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YARYemen Arab Republic
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YAR: Yemen Arab Republic refers to North Yemen and also Yemen during the 1990 reunification.
Abdullah Al Sallal overthrew Imam Badr and proclaimed the Yemen Arab Republic (YAR - the former North Yemen).
Zaman, A Report on Socio-Economic Survey of West Khawlan Yemen Arab Republic [Rome, 1983]), [Rada.sup.[subset]] (ILACO, Report on Farming Systems Research Survey in Wadi Tha [Arnhem, 1982]) and, most importantly, Dhamar.
In 1967 the North became the Yemen Arab Republic. The county was flooded by those fleeing the new communist regime to the south, and an era of civil war began.
Backed by the United Arab Republic, this new regime was known as the Yemen Arab Republic (YAR).
the Yemen Arab Republic. Throughout the book Chaudhry concentrates on the
In 1962 the Imamate in North Yemen was overthrown by a military coup that created the Yemen Arab Republic (YAR).
The protesters flocked into the city from all provinces of the former Democratic Republic of Yemen, a Marxist state that unified with the tribal dominated Yemen Arab Republic in 1990.
Muhammad Qasim Al-Dhamari, a grocery store owner in Mukalla who is originally from Dhammar city in Dhammar governorate, part of the former North Yemen Arab Republic, says that he closed his store in fear of reprisals from armed Southern Movement members.
His Highness Sheikh Sabah played a role in the reconciliation between Yemeni parties in the mid 60s, and in ending armed conflict between South Yemen and the Yemen Arab Republic in 1972.
North Yemen was ruled by these Hashimite Zaidis for more than 1,000 years until they were overthrown by an alliance of nationalist Sunni and Shia military officers in 1962 who then founded the Yemen Arab Republic. The Zaidis form about a quarter of the country's population today.