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YHROYemeni Human Rights Organization (Sanaa, Yemen)
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Zaid says, Raghd Al-Bar, the head of the Justice Aids Organization, a Yemeni human rights organization that deals with judiciary system.
Central Security Forces have been working with a private businessman--the leaseholder of a government-owned market in Aden--to illegally detain vendors and shop owners who are late on their rent, HOOD, a Yemeni human rights organization, determined after a recent investigation.
In a statement to the Yemen Times, Fuad Al-Alwi, head of SWA Organization against Discrimination, a Yemeni human rights organization that works with marginalized groups, said, "The organization condemns the expulsion of the marginalized.
Abdulrahman Barman, a lawyer for Yemeni human rights organization HOOD and who participated in the protests, said Al-Hakami's case is a symbol of the corruption in Yemen's justice system.
A lawyer from Hood, a Yemeni human rights organization, Abdulrahman Barman said Wassem is a soldier of the First Armored Division, and his name was registered as one of one of those who disappeared during the 2011 uprising.
It is suspected that Al-Samawi was a victim of identity theft, according to Abdulrahman Baraman, a lawyer from the Yemeni human rights organization HOOD.