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YHROYemeni Human Rights Organization (Sanaa, Yemen)
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ADEN, March 8 (KUNA) -- At least 402 Yemeni women were killed and 2,495 others injured in attacks launched by the Houthi militias on Taiz governorate over the past four years, a Yemeni human rights organization has stated.
"I have no money." Zaid says, Raghd Al-Bar, the head of the Justice Aids Organization, a Yemeni human rights organization that deals with judiciary system.
- Central Security Forces have been working with a private businessman--the leaseholder of a government-owned market in Aden--to illegally detain vendors and shop owners who are late on their rent, HOOD, a Yemeni human rights organization, determined after a recent investigation.
In a statement to the Yemen Times, Fuad Al-Alwi, head of SWA Organization against Discrimination, a Yemeni human rights organization that works with marginalized groups, said, "The organization condemns the expulsion of the marginalized.
Abdulrahman Barman, a lawyer for Yemeni human rights organization HOOD and who participated in the protests, said Al-Hakami's case is a symbol of the corruption in Yemen's justice system.
A lawyer from Hood, a Yemeni human rights organization, Abdulrahman Barman said Wassem is a soldier of the First Armored Division, and his name was registered as one of one of those who disappeared during the 2011 uprising.
It is suspected that Al-Samawi was a victim of identity theft, according to Abdulrahman Baraman, a lawyer from the Yemeni human rights organization HOOD.
And when international and Yemeni human rights organizations showed that U.K.-sourced weapons were being used to target civilians, the U.K.
The Iran-backed militia are misusing the bad conditions of families in Yemen and luring, according to Yemeni human rights organizations, Malki told Sky News Arabia, asserting that the coalition is working on providing the children with the necessary medical treatment.