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Compute variables YES YES YES YES Free field formatting - YES YES YES Handle missing values YES YES YES YES Lag variables - YES YES YES Rank data YES YES YES YES Read/write ASCII files YES YES YES YES Select cases YES YES YES YES Sort cases/variables YES YES YES YES
Threat Type iOS Android OS Phishing Yes Yes Spear-Phishing Yes Yes SMS-Phishing Yes Yes App-Phishing Yes Yes Apps Mining Corporate Directories Yes Yes Jailbreak, Root, Jammer Yes Yes SSL Vulnerabilities Yes Yes Hostile Configuration Profiles Yes No Unencrypted Email Attachments Yes Yes Randomware Yes Yes Backup Hijacking Yes Yes OS Fragmentation No Yes Sideloading of Apps No Yes Harvest Phone Call and SMS Logs No Yes
6% Exhibit 7 Product Details GoSystem ATX Max Drake Software Tax RS Product prices 1040 $1,065 $995-$1,395 Beginning at $2,500 1040 renewal Early renewal: Same Same 10% off State package Included Included Included State renewal Early renewal: Included Included 10% off Additional fee No No No for laser package Per-return $165 per $10 per return No pricing 10 returns Additional cost No No No for electronic filing software Additional No No $5 per federal; cost per $3 per state electronically filed return Conversion Yes Yes Yes package available Cost of Free Free Call for conversion details package Filing Do you provide Both SB DF direct filing (DF), service bureau (SB) or both?
800-865-5257 800-739-9998 E-mail Address Hard Disk Space GoSystem Tax RS-7 MB/ 100 MB workstation GoSystem Tax CD 100 MB minimum DATA INPUT Interview/Forms Entry Yes Yes Batch Entry Yes Yes Direct Trial Balance Import Yes Yes ASCII Trial Balance Import Yes Yes Import Shareholder Data Yes Yes Export K-1 Data to 1040 Yes Yes C to S Corp.
com/ 403ht-227 403ht-228 Product Name Clinical Data Patient care system Management Solutions ADT/registration Ambulatory systems Yes Cardiology systems Care coordination Yes Chart/document management Yes Yes Clinical data repository Yes Clinical systems Yes CPR/EMR Yes Critical care system Decision support Yes Yes e-Commerce transactions EDI/messaging Yes Financial systems (AR/AP, GL,accounting) HR/payroll Internet-enabled Yes Knowledge-based systems Yes Yes Laboratory management Managed care/contract management Pharmacy/medication Yes Yes management Procurement Referral management Yes RIS/PACs Scalability Yes Scheduling Surgical systems Workflow automation Yes Yes Additional features Pharmacy, point of care, connectivity to Baxter's Colleague Infusion pump Company Cerner Corp.
Program Features Number of updates 2 to 3 8 CD 16 Internet IRS help data displayed Yes Yes on screen?
0% Exhibit 6: Product Details Drake Software GoSystem Tax RS Product prices 1040 $995-$1,495 Starting at $2,500 1040 renewal $995-$1,495 Starting at $2,500 State package Included Included State renewal Included Included Additional fee for No No laser package Pay-per-return $495-$545 for the No pricing first 50 returns Additional cost for No $5/federal; electronic filing $2/state software Additional cost for No No electronically filed returns Conversion package Yes Yes available Additional cost for No $2/return conversion package Filing Direct filing (DF), service Both DF bureau (SB) or both Files state returns Yes Yes electronically Allows for electronic Yes Yes signature Market Number of users, 16,658 75,000 2003 package Percentage of renewals 95.
Program Features Web based No Yes Number of regularly scheduled 2-3 8 package program updates per year Number of concurrent users unlimited w/network version Number of users Unlimited Integrated modules available Yes Yes (Y/N) Conversion package available Yes Yes Cost of conversion package Free Included Batch processing Yes Yes Heads-down data entry No Yes Import data Yes Yes Customizable reports Yes Yes Customizable organizers Yes No Customizable scheduling No Yes programs II.