YEWAYellow Warbler (bird species)
YEWAYoung Engineers Western Australia
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0 Source: Field Survey, 2010 Table 2: Pepper-intercrop identified in Odeda and Yewa North Local Government Areas S/No Enterprise Code percentage Mean Farm Size (ha) 1 Sole pepper SPEP 62.
An Oyo army made up of troops from Oyo, Ibarapa, and Yewa, crossed the River Ogun at Mokoloki and advanced towards Igbein, Lisabi's town.
Sizomu campaign worker showing bruises he says are the result of a beating at Yewa Trading Center polling station.
4) Department of Agricultural Economics, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Yewa Campus, Ayetoro, Ogun state, Nigeria
The study was carried out with the Ogun State Agricultural and Multipurpose Credit Agency (OSAMCA), Ogun state, Nigeria The Agency operates with four(4) major zones as, Ijebu, Remo, Yewa and Egba zones apart from the head office at Abeokuta the State Capital.
Ten-year-old Kotchikpa and his 5-year-old sister, Yewa, are children living in Benin who are to be sold to traffickers in Gabon.
TABLEAU 2 : LES DIFFERENTES APPELLATIONS DES YOROUBA DE L'ETRANGER Pays d'etablissement Appellation Etymologie Bresil : Salvador de Bahia Nago Anago, terme utilise a Ouidah, dans l'actuelle Republique du Benin, pour designer le clan yorouba des Egbado d'Ifonyin a l'ouest de la riviere Yewa Bresil : Rio de Janeiro Mina Terme generique designant les populations de << sang melange >> du golfe de Benin, notamment a Lome au Togo Cuba Lucumi Salutation yorouba (oluku mi) qui signifie << mon arni >> Sierra Leone Aku ou Oku Salutation yorouba (akushe) Ghana Tabon << Tout va bien >> en portugais Source: Law 1997 ; Hall 2002.
You are from Yewa, a zone believed to be a minority and where gubernatorial aspirants over the years refused to agree a common front.
1) Dept of Agric Extension & Rural Sociology, College of Agricultural Sciences Ayetoro Yewa Campus, Olabisi Onabanjo University AgoIwoye, Nigeria
The event committee chairman, Reverend Solomon Olaguade, noted that the crusade was organised to win more souls for Christ, just as he enjoined the citizens of Yewa and Ogun State in general to be more united and move closer to God.
The PPRO, however, debunked the rumour doing the rounds that some villages in Yewa North area of the state are under the siege of the herdsmen.