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YiQY (perceived luminance), I, Q (color/luminance information) NTSC color model
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chrominance color information portion of signal (e.g., UV of YUV, IQ of YIQ)
In this algorithm is transforming color image from basic RGB color space to YIQ color space, the forward transform is given by equation [12]:
As the commonly used RGB color model creates color distortion due to the high correlation among the R, G, and B components, we transform it into YIQ color model.
One of the possible solutions which may be applied for increase of the possibility of proper recognition of the QR code may be conversion of the image from RGB colour model into some other popular colour spaces such as CIE XYZ, CIE LAB, HSV, YIQ or YCbCr.
In a color image, RGB is one of mostly used color spaces, but in this study, it is constructed into some other special color spaces for special applications, as well known, the HIS model is used in the color enhancement applications and the YIQ model is in the NTSC color television.
Table I: Comparative Analysis of Skin Detection Results using Bayesian Color Mode Methods/Color Space YCbCr CIE HSV RGB YIQ YUV YES Jones 90 Brand 93 S.L.
In [4], color image to be sharpened is first converted to YIQ or CIELAB color space, and then the method of unsharp masking and fuzzy morphological sharpening will be used to adjust the intensity of pixels around boundaries [4].
52 inch LCD monitor with true dot-by-dot 1080p resolution and without video enhancement technology, standard and high definition Set-top-Box (STB), HeadEnd (Media Center server software and STB firmware), networking equipment (switch and router) for simulation real networking environment and Audio Video (A/V) cables for interconnection interfaces signals (YPbPr, YCbCr and YIQ) between STB and TV.
In [8], a new hybrid color space combining the RGB and YIQ color spaces was proposed.