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Some of these languages, such as Palula, Yidgha and Gawar-bati are endangered and might die if steps are not taken to preserve them.
ISLAMABAD -- The Forum for Language Initiatives (FLI) organised a five day orthography workshop for the Yidgha language community in Chitral.
Yidgha is spoken in Lotkuh, a valley lying some 46 km west of Chitral town, and is one of the 23 languages of Pakistan that UNESCO has declared as on the verge of extinction for being just oral languages and undocumented.
The workshop was focused on discovering the unique sounds in Yidgha and developing a writing system for this language that is losing ground even in its home region.
The workshop will be followed by additional activities including the publishing of a book of folktales in Yidgha. This allows the Yidgha language researchers to be provided with further trainings under the project, as well as furthering the impact of documentation efforts.
Though Yidgha was previously just a verbal dialect, this workshop has provided an opportunity to document the sounds of the language in written form.
Hopefully, there will soon be stories, poems, and anecdotes also published in the Yidgha language.
He quotes among others Ossetic coergoes 'eagle', Sogdian carkas 'bird of prey', Middle Persian kargas, Khwarezmian krkys 'vulture', New Persian kargas, Yidgha kary[??]z, Munji kargas 'black and white eagle', Wakhi karjpops, karjopc, Sarikoli kargopc both 'magpie', Sarikoli kiryi, k[??]y[??] 'small falcon', cory 'eagle' as well as Old Indo-Aryan (late) krkasa- 'a kind of bird'.
He said that Badeshi was an Indo-Iranian language and its cousin languages in the country were Yidgha and Wakhi.
Neither Hintze nor Kellens is aware of Georg Morgenstierne's proposal that the name is identical with the word usada- "shoulder" attested in the Frahang i oim 3g: usadam = Pahlavi pust i tez "pointed back," for which he adduced Sogdian so and modern Yidgha sile (Indo-Iranian Frontier Languages, vol.
According to Prof Henrik Liljegren of Stockholm University, Yidgha is in a real danger of becoming extinct as the areas where Yidgha is spoken are surrounded by the Khowar language and Khowar is taking over.