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5 years of yield maintenance and a 30-year amortization schedule.
Because these loans are securitized, conduit loans typically contain some form of call protection, either yield maintenance or defeasance.
In this instance, the sponsor was looking for a 10-year loan that would not lock them into 10 years of defeasance or yield maintenance as prepayment penalty.
The seven-year Capped ARM has no yield maintenance, and the borrower can prepay at any time.
Although pre-payment penalties such as Yield Maintenance have built up a negative connotation among owners and brokers, paying pre-payment penalties can actually be well worth it for most commercial property owners.
year yield maintenance period, providing the borrower with significantly greater prepayment flexibility.
With the Fixed-to-Float option, borrowers agree to a yield maintenance provision that applies to the full loan term.
Almost all conduit loans now require the loan to be defeased rather than paid off with a prepayment fee or yield maintenance once the lock-out period expires.
The Lender charged a no commitment fee and the loan has a yield maintenance penalty in the case of prepayment.