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As-molded PDO without annealing showed 27.7 MPa yield strength, 10.4% yield strain, elastic modulus of 593.5 MPa, and elongation at break of 215.7% tested under dry condition (namely without contact with PBS solution), as shown in Table 1.
The mechanics performance testing contains tensile strength, yield strength, elongation after breakage, and impact absorbing energy test.
Additionally, finite element analysis was performed to investigate the effect of CFT using high-performance materials depending on the width-to-thickness ratio, which is one of the important factors by which the yield strength is influenced in the design standards.
In order to study which aspect of the nano material had the largest effect, the elastic modulus and yield strength were studied separately.
Figures 5, 6, and 7 shows the variation of yield strength of the welded joints at different weld speeds and TRS, for three different D/d ratios.
Yield strength of reference material was determined as 437 MPa, tensile strength was found to be 490.3 MPa.
Estimation of Dynamic Yield Strength from the Force at General Yield
Mainly, tensile strain on the extrados part causes a significant drop of yield strength in comparison to the original value before bending.
However, according to the Gerberich-Chen formula, the threshold value [K.sub.ISCC] decreased as the material yield strength [[sigma].sub.s] increases.
This paper also presents effects of a proposed method of using longer bolted splices using low yield strength steel [9], which enhances the seismic performance of these piers.
It covers price and availability; the elastic moduli; yield strength, tensile strength, and ductility; fast fracture, brittle fracture, and toughness; fatigue failure; creep deformation and fracture; oxidation and corrosion; and friction, abrasion, and wear.