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Regression equations are developed for the tensile strength, yield strength and elongation using the statistical software.
Depending on the chemical composition of steel, applied temperature and soaking time, the increase of yield strength during tempering can differ.
Two sizes of bolted splices: regular size and longer size, and two steel materials: regular steel and low yield strength steel were investigated.
Based on this, the maximum degree of reinforcement and tension steel ratio for designing RC beams with the prescribed deformability would be derived for different concrete and steel yield strength (Zhou et al.
By using Nanovea's Mechanical Tester in indentation mode, using a cylindrical flat tip, yield strength data can be easily obtained.
This type of behavior is confirmed from the increased value of yield strength of the silica SBR-filled hybrid composite material.
As a result, unconfined yield strength data are routinely derived from shear testing, a less direct but practical alternative.
2 percent offset yield strength for both steels using marked points is presented in Fig.
A yield strength of 1,000 MPa, [+ or -] 100 MPa as built.
It has been shown [9] that in some cases the yield strength plays the key role in determining the 3R (run, repair, replacement) decision for a particular component.
The importance is predicated on this: while HSS has yield strengths from 210 to 550 MPa and tensile strengths of 270 to 700 MPa, the ultrahigh strength steels (UHSS), which is the extreme end of the AHSS category, have a yield strength of 550 MPa or more and a tensile strength of 700 MPa or more.
It has a tensile modulus of 58,000 psi, tensile yield strength of 1740 psi, 51 Shore D hardness, and Vicat softening temperature >208 F.