YnMYami No Matsuei (anime)
YnMYes No Maybe
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Founded by creative director Yasmin Al-Mulla and her elder sister Nesreen, a trained engineer, YNM Dubai is a young label -- it turns five in September -- but is already considered to be a trailblazer in the Arab fashion industry.
YNM Dubai's debut collection was sold out in less than a week.
The new, more pared-down, design approach that young Arab fashion labels like YNM Dubai have injected into their designs has helped the West wake up to the ease and comfort of modest dressing.
She wants every women who wears an YNM design to feel they are free to make it their own through their accessories.
P3a latency for HMD6 was shortest for the OM group, followed closely by the YM group, and longest latencies were observed for the YNM and ONM groups, respectively.
To further elucidate the interaction between aging and musicianship, MMN and P3a data were compared among four groups: young musicians (YM), young nonmusicians (YNM), older musicians (OM), and older nonmusicians (ONM).
The YNM had the strongest neural activation (largest MMN amplitude), while the ONM had the smallest.
In Removal of and Wage Labour PE Labour Wage Subsidy Subsidy (1) (2) (3) (4) Yap 1.22 1.27 0.26 1.48 Yam 1.08 1.13 0.28 1.35 Yar 2.07 2.17 0.40 2.49 Ynp -2.79 -2.92 -1.56 -4.17 Ynm -0.93 -0.97 -0.41 -1.30 Ynr -0.72 -0.75 -0.45 -1.11 Note: Yap Income of poor agricultural households.